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Terms and Conditions  
1. Reservations are only confirmed if deposit is received prior to event date of service. Confirmed reservations means a deposit has been received and or confirmed prior to services.

2. Changes or cancellations of the reservation, Classic Coach Limousine has the right to keep deposit and if travel service is canceled, services are non-refundable.

3. Phone in services, with verbal credit card deposit and balances and authorized by customer will be charged if services or travel is canceled within 8 hours prior to service.

4. All Payments are due at the time customer is picked up. Any additional time extended from original service will also be paid by customer prior to exiting vehicle either in Cash or on original credit card on file.

5. Classic Coach Limousine reserves the right to substitute vehicles due to mechanical or other issues providing it is the same or larger size vehicle. If we substitute a vehicle, we may not have control of the vehicle color. Quoted vehicle rates are subject to change and or if customers changes the original agenda and or # of passengers within group.

6. Rates are sometimes quoted based on size of vehicle and number of passengers. Classic Coach Limousine will not allow additional passengers within a vehicle if the original rate quoted exceeds number of passengers unless a revised rate of service is agreed between customer and Classic Coach Limousine as long as the number of passengers not exceed the vehicles maximum passenger requirements for safety.

7. Customer can contact Classic Coach Limousine prior to event to inquire a change in reservation or vehicle, however if we can not accommodate that change, then customer is obligated to original reservation with rate and original vehicle reserved.

8. Classic Coach Limousine can not be held responsible for delays due to unforeseen traffic delays, due to accident, unexpected weather conditions, however we will honor the total reservation without shorting any time at the end of the reservation.

9. There is no smoking in our vehicles. If caught, customer will be asked to maybe exit the vehicle and the ride could be terminated.

10. All Rides will be terminated if alcoholic beverages are found within our vehicles by passengers of 21 years and younger.

11. Customers of 21 years and older are required to respect the vehicles of hire. Any customer how causes damages to the vehicle hired will be responsible for the repairs of the damages caused. Classic Coach Limousine will not tolerate any customer who puts there feet on our bars, sits on the interior bar, or causes any other internal damages to our vehicles. Any damages may also cause immediate termination to the reservation. And damages will be collected at time of service or immediately charged to credit card on file.

12. Customer who may get sick within our vehicles and causes fluids and or vomit will be fully responsible for a $250.00 clean up fee. Customer will be responsible at time to pay driver, or person who commenced reservation will be responsible for those within his or her groups party for the clean up fee's or any damages to our vehicle on the credit card on file.

13. Classic Coach Limousine is not responsible for any items brought in and or left in our vehicles. Customer is responsible for there own personal property.

14. Classic Coach Limousine will provide customers with well maintained vehicles, however with any mechanical failure prior or during the ride service, Classic Coach Limousine will not be held responsible for any lost of time, or any delay in getting a customer a replacement vehicle to complete the original service agreement between both parties. Classic Coach Limousine will do our best to provide 100% customer satisfactory.
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